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NET łȂƂ́A\[X猩Ĕ܂) C# Ȃ is ŁAVB Ȃ Type Of ` Is g܂B ̑O Function Button z Iɉ@͂ǂĂ̂ł傤? Button 悤ȂłB "" ǂ Type ̃Rg[ɂ̂΁A Function ̎sȂ̂𔻒fł̂ł͂Ȃł傤? [VB7 (2003)] Private Sub Button1_Click(...) Handles Button1.

The Fleet Management application provides a rental car company a system for managing vehicles, customers and vehicle reservations.

The currently available commercial motion capture systems are constrained by space requirement and thus pose difficulties when used in developing kinematic description of human movements within the existing manufacturing and production cells.

The Kinect sensor does not share similar limitations but it is not as accurate.

You can now author event handlers on several pre-defined events on tables, forms, form data sources, form controls, and others.

Plug-ins are also a new extensibility concept that enables replacing or extending the business logic of the application.

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