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You can contact me on [email protected] of Civilians from Singapore December 1941 - February 1942Michael Pether has complied a list of Ships/Vessels carrying Civilian Evacuees and the dates of departure from Singapore. AQUARIUS”(6094 tons) with 110 passengers but was sunk with possibly only 3 survivors• “SS. ) which left with 57 passengers, some were women and children. Passengers were rescued by the “HMAS HOBART” and the HMS TENEDOS” ,the latter rescued 28 wounded of whom 6 did not survive the voyage to TP which was reached on possible 4 FEB? “GIANG BEE” (1200 tons) a Chinese owned coaster with 200-300 old men, women and children on board.He has complied this list only for vessels knwon to be carrying civilians and vessels carrying only servicemen have not been included where known. • “SILVER GULL” which was towed from RHIO by the famous Capt Bill Reynolds in his converted Japanese fishing boat (later the “KRAIT”) with women and children (totals vary between 166 and 216people) who were mainly families of Dutch Indonesian garrison soldiers on RHIO; they went to Pom Pong Island and then Rengat • “MADURA” reported to have later sailed from Batavia (TP) in the last few days of Feb. “ROCHUISSEN” a Dutch cattle boat with no passenger accommodation. It was sunk by Japanese navy and 200-240 passengers were killed or drowned after getting in lifeboats• 11 Feb.BACK IN SINGAPORE NOW AND HAD HEAPS, LOADS AND TONNES OF FUN WHILST IN LAS VEGAS :))) ...

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Considering it as the best way to stay in touch and connected with fellow Tamilians, i Tamil decided to come up with a unique chat room that has brought Tamil speaking people located in the different parts of the world closer than ever.

They make use of this interesting platform to discuss a variety of issues, exchange notes and in general, enjoy a sense of connectivity with like-minded people.

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