Who is skylar diggins dating phantom of the opera dating game

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WNBA star Skylar Diggins’ longtime boyfriend Daniel Smith finally put a ring on it!

The bombshell basketball star has been publicly pursued by celebrities like Lil’ Wayne and Drake, but she’s officially off the market.

” She has said she will marry Smith eventually, but they are not in a hurry as of yet. They were both excellent sportsmen for the university.

Skylar and Smith began dating during their university days and continue to be a very charming couple.

…Aside from the obvious age difference (Skylar is 21 years old, Weezy is 29), is this a good match? Skylar is certainly a superstar in the sports world, and with Wayne at her side, well, she’s even more famous. Back in April 2011, shortly after Skylar put up 28 points in Notre Dame’s battle with UConn, Weezy donned her number 4 Fighting Irish jersey on stage during a concert in Indiana.

Hopefully all the attention won’t throw her off her game. Was this a gesture of romantic interest, or simply a fan being a fan?

The two were apparently seen together at a WNBA game last night.

Questing for the truth, the Internet sleuthed around and learned his identity.

Daniel Smith is a junior wide receiver for the Fightin’ Irish. She has the skill to capture even the more passive sports fans’ attention.

He's made this clear through his Instagram account on not one...

Maybe he should've put a link to this as well.

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