Firefox url not updating New adult dating pay sites

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If for any reason you’re still not seeing your updated content, just open a Live Chat (available 24/7) with our Support Team from within your User Portal, and we’re glad to help out further.

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Whatever the reason, feel free to use this option to purge your site’s cache as well!

Fake "Urgent Update" Page appears daily on Firefox despite NIS This is apparently a known problem at Firefox/Mozilla but no one there has yet to post a reasonable fix. I don't know if the following can help but you could try scanning your system with this free, on demand scanner and see if it finds anything: Please download the FREE version, save it to your desktop, and update it before running the scan (You can also keep it on your machine for future on demand second opinion scans, just remember to always update it before running any scans.) Count me in too. If various features of the website still fail to work, you then start temporarily allowing the additional content.

Then, U got the official download of [email protected] https:// TEST: 404 ERROR. It also somehow doesn't leave a trace in Firefox's Browser History (no matter what address appears).

I am very conservative in my online habits and surprised by this occurrence. It was accompanied by a request to download and install which I didn't touch. These "urgent update" pages are almost certainly Java Script redirects launched from malicious ads on the legitimate page you are viewing. You can middle-click any of the domains shown in the No Script dropdown list to view information about the domain.

The best way to avoid these is to impose restrictions on which sites are allowed to run Java Script in your browser: USA Today, Hard OCP, Neowin and Slickdeals were the pages. The idea is to allow the website itself and legitimate additional domains used by the site (Googlemaps, for example) while blocking other domains, such as advertising sites that may be serving malvertisements that redirect the browser.

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