Dating site in moldova look like a business man dating

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She is very pretty, intelligent, educates children and takes care of kids and husband. Moldovan woman counts family expenses and manages them in proper quantities, so she is personal family bank manager.

Besides, she is always ready to be personal psychologist to her husband, gives great advices how to react in particular situation.

Moldovan people associate with themselves the national characteristics of hospitality, diligence and peacefulness.

But let’s consider this question – why are international dating sites offering only Moldovan mail order brides, not the grooms from Moldova?

As a wife, Moldovan woman is always ready to work, in Moldova she does not sit home as housewife and there are three reasons for why Moldovan woman in the US is a housewife: 1) She does not speak fluent English (or English at all) at first or she does not have proper diploma or education to work in the USA 2) Husband prefers his wife to be at home, cook, and clean the house 3) Woman is a housewife because she wants so, or she is for nanny for her kids as family cannot afford to hire nanny or considers it as extra expenses.

So, Moldovan woman in appropriate circumstances will work same as her husband do and bring money home.

The country’s capital, Chisinau, is gradually turning into a respectable European city.

However, incomes are not growing, unemployment is rampant in this beautiful country.

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