Dot rv tire dating

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We recommend: All tires (including spare tires) that were manufactured more than ten years ago should be replaced with new tires, even if they appear to be usable from their external appearance and if the tread depth may have not reached the minimum wear out depth. Experts say that you must check your tire pressure at least once a month and before going on a long trip.For tires manufactured prior to the year 2000, three numbers instead of four indicate the date of manufacture.Also, during the early 1990’s, Continental added a triangle (◄) to the end of the character string to distinguish a tire built in the 1990’s from previous decades (e.g., a tire with the information "DOT XXXXXXX274◄” was manufactured in the 27th week of 1994).

Prior to April of 2015, all plant codes were 2 digits, but after April of 2015, a third digit was permissible, and 3 digits are required by April of 2025.

The DOT code is an alphanumeric code that appears on the sidewall of the tire. Department of Transportation, it identifies where a tire was manufactured, specific characteristics about the tire and its age.

This code is sometimes referred to as a serial number. The code starts with the DOT designation, followed by a series of letters and numbers.

The evidence is clear: tires should have an expiration date.

Older tires are substantially more likely to fail than newer ones.

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