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Mentors have inspired each of us and played an important role in who we have become.

Mentors have played a major role in shaping our worldview and selection of career paths.

you have to first get to the people in the organization that will actually be using your product.

After speaking, Pat met with three of our teams individually, and has continued to offer mentoring to several of them throughout the week.

I really wanted a large array of perspectives, including families who had: I did the best I could to offer someone that night that would have experience in whatever area a question could arise.

It also helps to have the perspective of dads on the mentor panel.

This makes a fun, lively, interactive support group meeting or leadership forum activity.

The speed mentoring idea is really a collaboration: A local homeschool mom had the idea—adapted from the speed dating model—and shared it with our steering team.

Once the idea for this event was shared with the universe, our Sacramento community responded resoundingly.

is “an award winning women’s leadership program featuring fast-paced, small group mentoring sessions – akin to speed dating – for women leaders and young women rising stars.” And the best part? Inspire Midtown is a women’s empowerment community made up of passionate, curious, and ambitious women who care about professional development, strengthening female relationships, and we believe another woman’s success is an achievement for all of us. titled “A Good Mentor Is Hard To Find.” This article sheds light on the dynamic that women face not just in Sacramento, but all over. Yet, it’s often a critical component of career advancement in today’s world.

After reading this Comstock’s article, it was clear that Inspire Midtown needed to bring Sacramento women together in the same room and create space for live mentoring.

To be frank, Inspire Midtown’s (very) grassroots organization had no budget for this event.

Yet, women came out of the woodwork to help make this event possible.

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