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Why is marriage still so popular despite the divorce rate?

Because humans are hardwired to want and crave love and physical connection with others!

Most people tell me in a whisper that they have and it “didn’t work”. Losers stalking you, nobody clicking on your profile, not enough messages, zero results and you’re still single. Well, never fear, there’s a process you can follow.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial here (p.s I’m not selling an internet dating system), it’s not unlike selling a product.

Worked for the the Army as a civilian personnel specialist overseas in Germany for 4 years.

Returned to Philadelphia to work for 3 years as a caseworker in Child Protective Services.

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Attended graduate school at La Salle University for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

And if love is missing in your life, then you probably want to change that.

Whenever I hear people moan about being single, I always suggest “Try internet dating”. You may have even tried it and got dismal and depressing results.

Around this time, I was also getting more in touch with my spirituality and reading countless self-help books.

One day, as I browsed through my mom's library, I stumbled across a book that caught my eye: “The Soul Mate Secret.”The book's author, Arielle Ford, claimed that The Law of Attraction — the belief that “like attracts like” and by focusing on positive thoughts, you can bring about positive results — can manifest an ideal romantic partner.

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