Array asp dynamically in updating

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In this article I will be explaining binding of array or list to Grid View control.

As we all know that Grid View Control is a databound control, still some times its need to bind collections, hence the following article explains the same.

What would be nice would be to have an easy-to-use dynamic array class.

This class would have the same functionality of a regular array, but would be dynamic in nature.

During the re-build process, the project should automatically download referenced . With all dependent JS and CSS libraries included in the project for the JQuery, JQuery UI, Bootstrap, and Knockout JS, the modal dialog windows and data loading should work for the browsers IE 8.0 - 10.0, Mozilla Firefox 25.0, and Google Chrome 33.0, on Windows 7 to 8.1.

And by adding T4 into the mix, you can generate, at runtime, exactly the client-side code that your page needs. NET page is static: You write it at design time, either in a library or in the page itself.

NET provides a wealth of options for dynamically integrating Java Script into your client-side pages.

As long as the amount of data isn't huge, it's faster to just embed essential data in the page and skip the AJAX call (a practice that also reduces demands on your server).

Finally, if you have a page that handles several different scenarios, you could write some general-purpose Java Script code that handles all the scenarios.

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