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) of the rock stars and wannabes that we adore and abhor.Filled with quizzes, memes, true-life stories, and cheeky illustrations, her book demystifies 10 types of rocker guys, with advice on how to bed, wed, or behead them—depending on your inclinations. If you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of guy owns a gorilla suit but not an interview suit (Mannish Boy), the type who “cuddles so close you can hear his cells dividing” (Boy with the Thorn in his Side) or the one whose voice can induce pregnancy through a stereo (Sexy Motherf*cker), then look no further. But since then, I’ve always somehow managed to date musicians by default. I did have Bret Michaels pin-ups on my walls starting at age 12.Mother Jones: First off, I have a huge crush on you. Couple that with my five years as Miss Information and a deep, abiding love of rock ‘n’ roll, and a book like this felt really natural. We had these things called “magazines” back then and I’d rip them out of and smuggle them out in my jean jacket at the corner drugstore.

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This is about feeling healthy, satisfied and fulfilling our lives," she said.This might be due to the age-old stereotype that the smart guy or “nerd” in high school was not typically deemed sexy. I’ve seen what this “Attraction Amplifier” says to do… I saw that guys had used a lot of these tips and tactics on me to get fast hookups…But today, I want to show you the brutally honest answer to what women think about smart guys. I was a host for Playboy Radio, and last year I was named Ok Cupid’s most popular female user. though I don’t regret anything ;-)This “Attraction Amplifier” is like having a “how-to-guide for hookups”…From style and grooming tips to sex and dating advice, the smartest food choices for a healthy life to the latest information on medical developments as well as the newest training techniques for ultimate fitness, Men's Health Singapore is the authoritative choice and speaks to readers with a positive, male-friendly sensibility.Most guys seem to automatically assume that women don’t find smart guys attractive. Or even when she wants you to kiss her for the very first time. but when I went through this “Attraction Amplifier”…

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