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Some dates go terrible, it’s a fact.”” My flight out of Nashville was cancelled and I found myself, suitcase in hand, standing outside the Nashville airport dismayed because all I wanted to do was go home.But there was a part of me that wondered if something good could happen, if I couldn’t “create a reason” for being stuck in Nashville.If you follow me on twitter then you already know that yesterday I bought and smuggled a dead alligator onto a plane so you can just skip the next paragraph and go straight to the money-shot below. Victor: "This dead alligator is a damn money pit." Oh my God, if I had a nickel for every time someone said that to me.If you missed it, I’ll just sum up by saying that if you ask twitter if it’s legal to carry a smallish sort of taxidermied alligator onto a plane with you, most people will say “Um, . And because I'm already making plans to buy him a tiny pirate suit.

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Check out and see: When your match visited the app last time. Somehow this seems impossibly short given all we’ve done together. Our eight months by the numbers: 7 Roadtrips: Iowa, Wisconsin (3 times), …Previously on the Date Report, we’ve discussed what your specific literary and cinematic preferences might be suggesting to potentially suitable suitors.You just never know when or how that creative urge will arrive. I think he and author Anne Lamott would get on famously.I mention this only to explain my lack of posts lately. When that happens, I have no concept of space and time. Two of my favorite passages so far are: “My mother had given me her Texaco card for my date, so on the way home I stopped in for some Cheetos and donuts.

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