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Where are you most likely to be helped by a stranger or volunteer your time?It also asked respondents to rank how happy they are with life.Every house that uses an oil or gas furnace can switch to a solar heat pump, combined with greatly increased insulation to keep the heat in.

In Victoria, Mark and Rob Bernhardt have demonstrated that a passive home that needs 90% less energy for heat can be built for the same effective price as a conventional home.Pioneering ancient DNA studies have also proven unreliable due to possible contamination from people handling the bones.All these results were discarded as they are useless and only bring confusion to the picture.Rich countries dominated the top positions yet around half of the top twenty most charitable were developing nations such as as Guinea, Guyana and Turkmenistan. The original said that in Europe only Switzerland and Holland fared better. Strikingly India ranked at 134 and China at 147 - with Chinese people among the least likely on the planet to volunteer.

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