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As I entered, mothers and children milled about outside the prison, hoping for news of a loved one.Over time, I interviewed others who had passed through secret detention in Yemen, and worked with local rights groups who represented dozens more.

Attending classes gave her an excuse to leave home, but when Nadeen graduated, she no longer had an excuse.

He had been trying to leave Yemen with his wife and children, seeking help from the U. When two American interrogators showed up, he asked about his Constitutional right to a lawyer; they smirked, and said “there is no Constitution here, son.” Instead they interrogated him, tag-teaming with local intelligence: A Yemeni would dangle his house keys in his face while his U. counterparts promised he would be beaten and raped in a Yemeni jail, and that his wife and daughter would face the same fate. fingerprints on this man’s detention, and his American citizenship, gave him a lifeline to outside help.

Later, he was shunted to another secret site, where guards kicked him repeatedly in his gunshot leg until he blacked out. Prior to this visit from me and my Yemeni co-counsel, no lawyer had been allowed in the Political Security prison; I doubt one has been since. In the same site were untold numbers of Yemenis with no recourse to lawyers.

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