Dating someone with depression and anxiety

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Therefore, never make any remarks which could blame your partner for their condition or that they could perhaps be in a better state if they possessed more strength or willpower.

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" By opening up honest communication, you're able to maintain a sense of intimacy and trust, in addition to creating a foundation for mutual support.This sometimes makes small issues transform into big stressors.Again, it’s important to be patient with partners who suffer from depression.Common symptoms, such as withdrawing from social interaction, feelings of worthlessness, and lack of interest, can wreak havoc on the very relationships that matter most. In an effort to minimize conflict, couples may hide their frustration with the other person's depressive or anxious symptoms and even the side effects of medication.So what’s a couple to do when one (or both) of you is dealing with a mood disorder? Unfortunately, this desire to protect often backfires as resentment builds and emotional closeness fades.

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