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Of course, some people do meet the person they're eventually going to get hitched to during their college years, but most don't.So the first lesson for those who are worried about dating in college, proposed by a current sophomore who arguably has next to no knowledge about dating in college, is to not stress out about it.The data was pulled from 16,000 college students' profiles and found that Northwestern was the most attractive of the five, with 23.3 percent of all "likes" going to Northwestern students. When it comes to the people constantly blowin' up your inbox, University of Chicago singles are the most assertive, with the average number of times they make the first move coming in at 14.3 times.

As Americans increasingly wait until they're older to get married, the idea that you have to find your future spouse somewhere within a sea of fellow classmates is fading away from many students' top priorities.Based on the total number of thumbs up or downs users receive, Clover has decided that the most amiable students can be found at Arizona State University.It is an undeniable fact that college students are thirsty, and not for water.Today, the average age of first marriage is 27 years for women and 29 for men (compared to 20 and 23 in 1960), meaning most are out of undergraduate school by the time they tie the knot.The difference between college students' dating lives in the modern day versus that of their grandparents' is becoming increasingly stark.

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