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I was determined to find out precisely what happened between American boys and girls when they started liking each other, and what I was supposed to say and do in order to reach the stage when ‘the Pill’ would prove necessary.Armed with a highlighter and a pen, I looked for words and expressions that had to do with American conduct in courtship and wrote them out on separate cards, just like my English teacher in St Petersburg had taught me.You think about it sometimes, could you do it again?Would you have it in you to give so much of yourself again with the risk of being hurt again.The easier option is to just focus on yourself and swear off relationships. As time really does help to heal the wounds of the past.That time is different for all of us but, the quicker we accept that it is over the quicker we can heal.

Staring into its glossy pages, I dreamed that there, in a different country, I would turn into someone beautiful, someone boys turned their heads for.

Succeed once and you might never have to play again.

If you don’t, there will always be another Saturday night.

When Rankin went to Congo he wanted to capture images of love in a land of conflict.

He tells Claire Soares what he saw, and offers one lucky Independent reader the chance to join him for a day's shoot The wizened woman cradling her baby granddaughter, the eager schoolboy balancing his books on his head, the hairdresser showing off her latest creation and the dreamy-eyed couple recalling the day they met at market.

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